General Frequently Asked Questions 


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Q. What kind of shows/projects do you do?

A. Rebus focuses on shows and projects with a social or community focus. In the past we have focused on trauma, cultural diversity and disability.


Q. How can I get involved?

A. We will soon be running classes for people with and without disabilities which will have the added function of being used a pool from which we will cast future projects.

Alternatively, send us an email or give us a call and let us know how you'd like to be involved. We would love to hear from you!

Q. Will you do a project in partnership with our organisation/group?

A. Absolutely! We are always open to partnerships with other organisations/groups that share our values. Please contact us.

Q. Do you accept volunteers?

A. We welcome volunteers in all sorts of capacities, whether it be for backstage experience, office work, lighting, sound. Please email us and we will add you to our list.

Q. Do you accept donations?

A. We will gratefully accept any donations, however, please note that we do not have tax deductible status.

Q. Do you have a mailing list?

A. Yes! Subscribe here.

Got another question?  Please contact us


Frequently Asked Questions about Rebus' Workplace Training


Q. What is the minimum number of people needed to hold this kind of training session?


A. The minimum number of people required to book a Rebus training session is  12.   If you have a small business and are still interested in booking your employees into a session you can register your interest with our Producer and be notified when Rebus Theatre holds an open showcase performance.


Q. What is the maximum number of people per session?


A. While maximum numbers are negotiable depending on the capacity and set up of the venue being used, Rebus recommends a maximum of 120 participants per session.


Q. What if my work place doesn’t have a training room?


A. Rebus can work with you to secure a venue for the training sessions which can be a theatre space depending on the number of participants, or another training venue.


Q.  How much do the training sessions cost?


A.  Cost of training sessions may vary dependent upon the number of participants and performances booked.   You are welcome to contact us to discuss your options.


Q. Do I have to pay a deposit when I book a training session?


A. Yes.  Rebus requires payment of a deposit to confirm a booking. You should read through our terms and conditions on the back of the booking sheet for further information on bookings, payments and cancellations.


Q.  My company is not in the ACT but I would really like to book Rebus.   Do they perform interstate?


A.  Yes.  Rebus will travel interstate for bookings.  In this instance there are additional costs associated with travel and accommodation expenses for actors.   Contact the Rebus Producer for more information.


Q. Can I book Rebus to do different kinds of training?


A. Yes.  The forum theatre format can be adapted to a range of different training needs.  If you are interested in engaging Rebus Theatre to develop a program of specific training for your workplace you are welcome to contact the Producer to discuss options with us.


Q.  Do I have to get up onstage and participate?


A.  No.  While many participants feel compelled to intervene and participate in the forum part of the performance,  no one is pressured to participate.   We encourage a positive and safe environment for participants to contribute as little or as much to the session as they feel comfortable with.


Q. The scenarios seem a bit exaggerated.  Does this stuff really happen to people with disabilities?


A. Yes.   While aspects of the story lines are dramatised for the purpose of forum theatre, the scenarios performed by our actors are devised from the real lived experiences of people with disabilities in our community who have experienced discrimination in both customer service and employment.


Q. Do we get to speak to the actors?


A. Yes.  Rebus respects the autonomy of our actors and each actor is invited to answer personal questions from the audience if they feel comfortable to do so. Rebus encourages the audience to take the time and meet our actors after each performance whenever possible.


Q. Is that dog in the performance a real assistance dog?


A. Yes.  Simba  is a real in-service guide dog who belongs to one of our our vision impaired actors.


Q.  I am a person with a disability who would like to get involved in acting.  Can I join Rebus?


A.  Yes – we encourage interested persons to contact us and register their interest in becoming involved in future activities of Rebus Theatre.


Got another question?  Please contact us


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