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Feedback from Fractured  

A cross disciplinary creative development exploring the issues faced by people with lived experience of Trauma

“I feel that the continued development of this work is incredibly important, as it is vital for the de-stigmatization of mental health issues, via discussion, artistic exploration and theatrical presentation. This was a powerful work that obviously has great potential to become a more in depth portrayal of a difficult condition/mental state that so many people continue to deal with, feeling lonely.”


“The two leads were very engaging.”


“The interviews created a real accessibility to the experiences of survivors. The common themes that ran through them were extremely powerful. To then be shown these emotions by the actors left me with a deepened sense of how trauma affects people.”


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Theatre Design Workshop with Cristiane Novak
A three day workshop in design and development of theatrical costume, props and sets for people with and without disabilities led by local set and costume designer Christiane Novak, and supported by Tuggeranong Arts Centre

"I enjoyed working in a team and developing props and costumes that will be used. Everyone was encouraging and helpful"

"It was awesome, Thank You!"

Everyone Everyday
A series of workshops run in schools in which the students developed Forum Theatre shows surrounding the issues faced by people with a disability, based on their experiences.

"It's given me a new perspective on how people feel"

"I will be able to stand up for people more"


"I feel more confident in myself and feel like I can use my experiences"


"(I have more confidence to) talk to people I don't normally talk to"


"Having a better understanding of what people are going through makes me more willing to include people"


"I have more insight on how someone with depression feels"


"I am more aware of my surroundings and will try my best to make everyone feel included"

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