• Ben Drysdale

Rebus Rebrands!

We have a new look and logo. We wanted our logo to reflect our identity a little more so we engaged Dr Possum, a local artist with a disability who specialises in digital imagery to develop one for us. A Rebus is a puzzle where pictures are used to represent words - pictures of an eye, a can of soup and the ocean could mean ‘I can see’. At Rebus, we offer a puzzle of pictures and stories surrounding the challenges faced by people with a disability, mental illness or lived experience of any type of marginalisation, inviting the audience to help us find the solutions. Given this we decided to include both literal puzzle pieces as well as the Eye of Ra, as Egyptian hieroglyphics are one the most commonly known form of Rebus. The eye also holds a lot of other symbolism for us in the work we do in trying to raise awareness about, and help people really see, the issues faced by marginalised members of our community.

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