• Ben Drysdale

The Mill House and Workplace Training Showcase

Over the last three months Rebus has been working with mentors and experts in The Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator to develop marketing strategies for the Experiential Workplace Training we deliver to public, community, and private sector workplaces. We have spent a lot of time looking at why we do what we do, the value it provides workplaces, and who we should marketing to. We have met many great people doing great projects and can't thank The Mill House and director Cindy Mitchell enough.

On October 4th, as part of the wrap up of The Mill House, we presented a showcase of our workplace training for an audience of Human Resource and Management personnel, and friends from The Mill House. Afterwards we all went up to CBRIN's First Wednesday Connect where our Creative Producer, Cara Matthews, delivered a one minute pitch about our workplace training.

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