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Save the Date: Introduction to Image Theatre and Forum Theatre

A weekend workshop playing with the serious.

Rebus will be teaching an introduction to Forum Theatre and Image Theatre on the weekend of June 16 and 17 at The Street Theatre.

Learn games, exercises and techniques for use in the classroom, rehearsal studio, therapeutic environment or activist planning space. Discover a unique approach to using the body and the stage to analyse social issues and solve real problems.

Forum Theatre and Image Theatre are the core techniques Rebus uses. They are both developed by the Brazilian director Augusto Boal, as part of his ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ and are now used around the world as ways to hold embodied dialogue about things that matter, to work out how to change the world and to heal our pain.

This Workshop is designed for:

- high school drama teachers looking for ways of teaching theatre to address social issues;

actors and directors looking for ways to renew your practise and give it a political edge;

- activists looking for creative ways to discuss and communicate issues;

- therapists and community development workers looking for playful techniques to engage with clients and communities, that bridge the personal and the political;

- anyone interested in spending a fun weekend exploring the intersections of art, social change and personal change.

Led by Robin Davidson and Ali Clinch.

Robin is the artistic director of Rebus Theatre. He has studied Theatre of the Oppressed and its offshoots with a number of different teachers from Australia, the UK, Canada, the US and the Philippines, most notably with David Diamond, artistic director of Theatre for Living in Vancouver, Canada. He has directed more than ten Theatre of the Oppressed projects, with a range of different communities.

Ali is an associate artist with Rebus Theatre and has worked as a Drama and Dance tutor with the university of Canberra. She has been a lead artist on a number of projects employing techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed in the ACT and Queensland, and is an expert in the use of the techniques in the classroom.

Exact times and costs will be confirmed shortly, and TQI accreditation pending.

Thanks to the Street Theatre for supporting this training.

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