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Open Doors Open Minds Wrap Up!

A few weeks after the conclusion of our Open Doors Open Minds community training project, the Rebus team is back on deck after some well deserved down time. With the help of some amazing volunteers we have gone through the feedback forms and are blown away by the overwhelmingly positive responses from the participants. We would like to thank everyone who came along and contributed to these amazing sessions, and helped get the word out to the community.

The training was developed by Rebus in consultation with members of the disability community in Canberra and around Australia, and delivered by a cast of actors with disabilities using the model of Forum Theatre. 163 people attended one of our ten Open Doors Open Minds sessions across five locations in Canberra, and the feedback we received made it clear to us that we had made a difference to our community. 98% of participants who completed feedback forms stated that they were more aware of the challenges faced by people with disabilities after the training, with 94% saying they felt more empowered to deal with the types of situations presented in the training if they found themselves in them in future. 99% of participants said they would recommend this training to staff and volunteers of community groups and organisations. Here's some things they had to say:

"honest, raw and challenging"

"Great format and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to make change which is a great skill to take away"

"The fact that it’s based on real events that have taken place, offers people a chance to think about practical situations and solutions applicable to their own daily lives."

"I wanted to share with you that the next morning I was thinking about the play and used the skills that had been reinforced in me. A carer had called to say that someone would not be attending work that day. I could hear the person in the background passing on the information so I asked if I could speak to them directly. What resulted was a lovely conversation about birthdays!" Kathy Edwards - Studio Coordinator - Paperworks

Now that the free sessions are over the training is now available for a fee for service. If you missed out please contact us now to discuss options for organising a session for your community group or organisation.

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