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Inclusive Drama with Rebus @ The Hub

On Wednesday our Inclusive Drama group held their end of term performance at The Hub in Phillip . consisting of a musical rendition of Bill Withers ‘Lean on Me’ and a play of their own devising. In the group’s most ambitious performance yet, they created a play they had written themselves, that featured a homeless prime minister, a scientist who was also a werewolf, a dragon, and a superhero, among other characters. The audience of family, friends and co-workers chortled their way through the playful show, directed by Heidi Silberman, with assistance from Ali Clinch.

Each term we take the participants through a story and character development process to create an original piece of theatre written by the group. Throughout the rehearsal process we look at different theatre techniques and teach the group various drama exercises that address the requirements of the piece.

The course is designed to build confidence, make new friends, and learn acting and performance skills. As well as teaching physical, vocal, writing, and musical skills, we do our best to identify the specific goals and strengths of each student so they can reach their potential in our end of term performance.

Term 3 Classes start the week of July 23 with a Monday Session (9:30-11:30am) and Wednesday (11:00am-1:00pm), but we will accept new participants up until week 3. You can express interest online here or call the Hub in Phillip on (02) 6109 0145.

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