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Workplace Training: Update and Farewells

July was a busy month for Rebus' workplace training team. We presented Unintended, our session around mental health and disability in the workplace, to over 250 people in one week!

First, we presented the session to the Federal Department of Education, which was also live-streamed to their locations interstate. On the 11th and 12th July, we presented to over 180 people at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) EL2 conference, which took place over two days.

These were last sessions for two of our original cast, Meredyth Pettit and John Rogers (Pictured). They have been invaluable to Rebus as a company and we wish them all the best with their future ventures.

Here is some feedback from the sessions, to enquire about a training session for your organisation, please email us at info@rebustheatre.com:

"I felt connected and empowered from seeing how saying "stop" and speaking up and can make a difference"(Attendee at Department of Education session)

"This is fantastic. Will recommend" (Attendee at Department of Industry conference)

"It's a great way to show how small changes can influence difficult situations"(Attendee at Department of Education session)

"Isn't it a shame we need to be reminded about disability and mental health in the workplace - this means the necessary changes are still not embedded" (Attendee at Department of Education session)

"Attendees were part of the solution, that was and is a great idea" (Attendee at Department of Education session)

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