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Rebits'n'Pieces - June News


On 18th May, Cara and Heidi had the pleasure of conducting a 3-hour drama workshop at the Aids Action Council’s Encampment weekend for LGBTQIA+ Youth. They had loads of fun playing games and creating a range of stories; including a reality TV zombie apocalypse! It was a pleasure to be immersed in a weekend full of creativity, acceptance and fun. We can’t wait for the next one!

Organisational Capacity Building

Rebus was successful in our application for the National Disability Insurance Agency’s ‘Disabled Peoples and Families Organisations’ grant round through the Information Linkages and Capacity Building program. We are over the moon as this is the first grant we’ve ever received with an organisational capacity building focus, which will provide us with the time and money to improve our systems and policies. The grant will also fund the development of a theatre-based job readiness course for people with intellectual disabilities.

Chief Minister’s Sponsors Lunch

On Friday 24th May Ben attended the Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards Sponsor Thank You Lunch. All 2018 Inclusion Award winners were invited to attend to meet and thank the sponsors who make the awards possible. It was great to get to know some of the representative from sponsor organisations such as Beyond Bank and Valmar, and network with other prize winners about upcoming opportunities.

Restrictive Practices Film Project

Rebus is partnering with Advocacy For Inclusion and The Office of the Senior Practitioner to develop a story sharing film project about the use of Restrictive Practices in Disability Care.

Restrictive practices are things that limit the rights of a person using behaviours of concern. Like restricting a person’s access to their own food, or their ability to move around freely. Watch this space.

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