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Access All Areas: Health – Script development, rehearsal and performances

Access All Areas is a community consultation and education project designed to improve access for people with disabilities to health, justice, and transport services in the ACT.

‘Access All Areas: Health’ is in full swing with final stages of rehearsal before our first performances next week. After our community consultations with health professionals and people with disabilities in mid-February, our cast of actors with disabilities workshopped the stories we had gathered into a story structure. We then consulted again with staff of Canberra Health Services to ensure accuracy of processes, before finalising the script. Here’s a short video update about the project from our Facebook page.

The cast is in the final stages of rehearsal this week before our first performances for Canberra Health Services begin next week. We will also hold a public performance for

other health service providers in the ACT to attend from 7-9pm on Thursday March 21 at Belconnen Community Centre. Book now here via Eventbrite!

Access All Areas is funded by the Federal Government through the National Disability Insurance Agency.

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