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Bridges or Barricades seeking partner schools

Rebus Theatre, supported by Multicultural Youth Services offer a free, 10-week theatre program. The program uses Forum Theatre and Peer Teaching techniques to engage your students and school community. The program is tailor made to address the main issues of conflict impacting your school community.

The program can address Racism, Bullying, Family Violence, relationships with the Justice System, Combating Stereo types and supporting the LGBTQI community.

Bridges or Barricades is a personalised program providing an open and safe way to discuss some of the more difficult ethical and social issues occurring in your community. The program is Australian Curriculum aligned and includes a suggested assessment task.

“It is extremely valuable for the students and for me. It is great to now have another unit of drama to draw on. I’ve become engrossed in researching the use of drama to explore the dynamic between the bully, bullied and the bystander and using elements of that in future units.” - Year 10 Music & Drama Teacher

Contact Rebus on ali.rebus@gmail.com for more information.

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