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"I don't remember what I had for dinner last night, but I remember every minute of that training session"

Kathleen - Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Mental health costs Australian workplaces approximately $11 billion per year”​​​​


“Investing in a mentally healthy workplace can provide a Return on Investment of 2.3, or $2.30 for every $1 spent!”​​​​

“The single most critical success factor is employee participation in interventions delivered to teams or groups”​​​​

(Creating a mentally healthy workplace, ROI analysis, PwC, 2014)


A Rebus is a puzzle where pictures are used to represent words- pictures of an eye, a can of soup and  the ocean could mean ‘I can see’. In Rebus Theatre, we offer a puzzle of pictures and stories surrounding the challenges faced by people with a disability, inviting the audience to help us find the solutions. 

Rebus is comprised of people with and without disabilities. Drawing on the lived experiences of our members we have developed our training to cover recruitment, retention, mental health, disability and workplace cultural change.

In each training session the participants will be presented with a ten minute scenario which has a very undesirable outcome for the main characters, which the audience initially watches uninterrupted. The actors then replay the scenario and members of the audience are invited to interrupt, come forward to replace an actor, and demonstrate how they would do things differently to change the outcome.



Rebus currently presents two programs, which capture a broad range of issues common to all workplaces:


Unintended invites the participants into the dynamics of a workplace where the attitudes, actions and decisions of colleagues have far-reaching and unintended consequences for employees with disabilities and mental ill-health, and the whole workplace.


Unintended focuses on recruitment and retention processes and how to cultivate an inclusive, diverse and mentally health workplace.


Open Doors Open Minds explores the barriers and frustrations faced by people in accessing community programs and services.

Set in Community Centre that is running an inclusive program, Open Doors Open Minds explores the technological, systemic and attitudinal barriers to full and meaningful participation of people with disabilities in community activities. 

Not just another training seminar, but an interactive, dynamic experience that opens up dialogue and action long after the performance

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Rebus draws out meaningful dialogue amongst participants about what the workplace does well in the areas of equity and diversity, and what aspects could be improved to bridge the gap between policy and practice.  

Our training’s participatory approach enables people to interact with our actors to practice real-life skills that support inclusive participation in the workplace for people living with mental health and other disabilities in a respectful, entertaining and non-threatening environment.

  • SOLUTIONS BASED TRAINING: Participants have freedom and responsibility to identify behaviours which may be problematic and to explore alternative solutions by allowing active practice of positive behaviours and sharing of ideas.


  • INTERACTIVE TRAINING: Participants have maximum opportunities for learning through an enjoyable and engaging experience which is much more than a ‘teach and talk’ approach. 


  • OPEN-ENDED TRAINING: Participants can control the outcome and be more engaged in an open conversation about behaviours in a search for best practice. Black and white answers are not offered. Discussion will be stimulated.​


  • INDIVIDUAL AWARENESS TRAINING: Rebus Theatre’s model of interactive theatre allows individuals the freedom to participate in scenarios or observe interventions by colleagues, allowing for a wide range of problem-solving approaches to emerge from the experiences of staff.


  • TEAM BUILDING FOR STAFF AND MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT: Rebus Theatre’s performances include a range of scenarios relevant to upper management and front-line staff, stimulating managers and staff at all levels to work together to solve problems by learning from each other’s experiences and ideas.

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