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In December 2014 Rebus was awarded the Chief Minister's "Excellence in Inclusion" award at a ceremony in The Great Hall in Parliament House.

"I don't remember what I had for dinner last night, but I remember every minute of that training session"

Kathleen - Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science


“I found the REBUS forum theatre performances thought provoking and challenging. Whist the performances are definitely entertaining, the capacity to challenge and cause the audience to question their own behaviour and the behaviour of others, is for me the real value.


One observed the above in the reaction and intervention of audience members, demonstrating the power of the performances and the interpretation of scripts.


I believe there is a great deal of opportunity for these theatre performances to be applied in many settings in the community. I can see how the performances could be applied to raise awareness, for instance, such as in my workplace, the Assembly, in service delivery, management and in policy settings, Government, Non Government, the  private sector and, of course schools and colleges.


I can’t recommend the wide application of the model enough. Thank you once again to everyone involved.”


Mary Porter  AM MLA.

Testimonials from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Canberra 2015

"It was very well organised and presented without making me feel threatened."

"Excellent. I highly recommend this to other organisations"

"Excellent. Great having the actors be happy to answer questions."

"Learnt a lot and good to see it in action."


"Interaction great and relevant to today’s environment"

"I enjoyed the show being interactive. Great performance"

"They created a safe space"

"Very professional and got to the key issues. Very enjoyable."

"Very entertaining, interesting and informing."

"True to life. Made the points well in an entertaining manner."

Testimonials from attendants at the Arts Activated conference in Sydney October 2014

"raising awareness about disability in a fun and safe environment"



"immediately educating to its audience"


"incredibly telling and powerful..."


"I enjoyed the experimental learning aspect..."


"...very well acted, thought provoking - I won't forget it!"


" the cast and crew and show was wonderful?"


"informative, emotive, great experience"


"Great performance! Real-life perspective was highly emotive and reiterated importance of awareness"


"powerful and memorable"


"accessible and non-confrontational"


"interactive and good-humoured"


"love the use of theatre as a teaching method"




"it talked about, and showed, power"

Testimonials from Federal Department of Education 2018

"It's better than other bias training I've attended. Much more real"


"Attendees were part of the solution, that was and is a great idea" 


"Isn't it a shame we need to be reminded about disability and mental health in the workplace - this means the necessary changes are still not embedded" 


"It's a great way to show how small changes can influence difficult situations"


"It was more comfortable than I expected" 


"I felt connected and empowered from seeing how saying "stop" and speaking up and can make a difference"

Testimonials from Department of Industry Innovation and Science Conference 2018

"At first, coming up and intervening was hard but it got easier as it was dealt with in a really safe way" 


"This is fantastic. Will recommend" 


"will recommend this form of delivery to other colleagues" 

“The REBUS performance demonstrated that it has capacity to raise issues that relate to disability and inform the broader community first hand of issues that people encounter in a variety of scenarios in every day settings. The role plays utilised in REBUS are familiar and encountered from day to day and lend themselves to being interpreted by the audience. The REBUS approach has the capacity to draw in members of the audience in a non-threatening way and enables them to actively participate and influence outcomes in the role play to achieve a different outcome. This is challenging and thought provoking for the participants and for the actors.


Attending REBUS with colleagues was a great way to enable the discussion about disability interaction within community settings and environments. REBUS promoted workplace discussion and has an element of fun and humour for those that chose to participate on stage. The performance prompted further discussion at the work place and the opportunity for further awareness raising for those that didn’t attend on the day.”


Simon De Sousa, Project Manager, Disability ACT

Testimonials from performance at the National Disability Insurance agency, Geelong 2015

"Kept you engaged for the whole time"

"Down to Earth and realistic" 


"Interactive and relevant" 


"I thought it was very effective in simply presenting complex and confronting issues"

"Entertaining and informative"

"Empowering to be a part of the show."

"It was confronting but that’s what makes it work."

"Interactivity is very engaging and thought provoking"

"The content and information after were very engaging" 

"It was fantastic!"

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